Network Interface

About this task

The Email Appliance’s network settings and name servers are configured on the Network Interface page of the wizard.

To configure network interface settings:

Follow these steps

  1. In the Network settings section, do one of the following:
    Choose from the following:
    • To configure network settings with DHCP: Accept the default DHCP option.
    • To configure a static IP address:

      1. In the IP Address text box, enter the address for the appliance.
      2. In the Default Gateway text box, enter the address of an external gateway server.
      3. In the Network Mask text box, enter the mask (for example,
      4. [Optional] Click Advanced to open the Additional Network Routes dialog box, and configure an alternative gateway for traffic that is not routed through the default gateway.
  2. From the Speed and duplex drop-down list, accept the Auto option. (If you select another setting from the drop-down list, it must match the speed of your managed switch to ensure that the Email Appliance operates correctly.)
  3. In the Name servers section, do one of the following:
    Choose from the following:
    • Select Obtain DNS servers automatically.
    • Select Specify the DNS servers. Then, in the Primary DNS IP text box, enter a DNS IP address. Optionally, enter secondary and tertiary addresses.
  4. Click Next to proceed to the wizard’s Hostname and Proxy configuration page.