Mail Delivery Servers

About this task

In this step you define the internal mail server(s) that the Email Appliance can use to route incoming email.

To specify mail delivery servers:

Follow these steps

  1. In the Address text box, enter the name(s) of the mail delivery server(s).

  2. Leave the Port set as 25.
  3. Set the DNS Type to A or MX.
    DNS type “A” means that the appliance will query the value in the Hostname field by address, conducting an “A” record query. The other option is “MX”, which results in an MX query of the value in the Hostname field. Most internal mail transfer agents have no specific MX record of their own so it is usually preferable to select A.
  4. Click Add after each entry.
    Entries are displayed in the Mail Delivery Servers list. To remove a server from the list, select the check box beside the entry, and click Delete.
  5. When you have finished adding servers, click Next to proceed to the Incoming Mail Domains page of the wizard.