Anti-Spam Settings

About this task

For evaluation or full implementation, the appliance can be configured in one of three anti-spam modes: Passthrough mode, Pilot mode, and Full mode. The first two modes are intended for testing only.

To configure anti-spam settings:

Follow these steps

  1. Select one of the three modes:
    • Passthrough mode [Default]: In this mode, you can use the results to gauge the Email Appliance’s effectiveness. End users will not be aware that the Email Appliance is in operation, yet it will gather spam statistics and copy identified spam to the quarantine. While in Passthrough mode, the Email Appliance still actively identifies and blocks email-borne virus and malware threats.
    • Pilot mode: This mode allows you to filter messages for a select group of users. This way, you can to test the effectiveness of the appliance on a small set of email addresses before deploying the appliance for a larger group of end users. You enter the email addresses for the test group using the Group Editor dialog box.
      If you select either Passthrough mode or Pilot mode for testing, you must modify the policy when testing is complete to make full use of the appliance’s spam protection. See the “Anti-Spam” section of the Policy documentation for more information.
    • Full mode: This setting prepares the appliance for production mode, with the default anti-spam rules applied for all users.

  2. Choose one of the following basic anti-spam configuration options:
    Choose from the following:
    • To accept the default settings: Leave Enable default anti-spam settings selected, and click Next to proceed directly to Appliance Alerting.


    • To configure advanced settings: Select Advanced Configuration, and click Next to proceed to the configuration page for advanced anti-spam settings.

    The Anti-Spam Inbound Advanced page allows you to configure different actions for messages with high and medium spam scores.

  3. Using the Take Action drop-down lists for High Spam Scores and Medium Spam Scores, select from the following list of actions:
    • Continue Processing: Message continues to be processed by the policy.
    • Deliver Immediately: Deliver the message intact to the recipient.
    • Quarantine: Isolate the message in a quarantine.
    • Discard: Discard the message without notice.
    • Quarantine, tag subject and continue: Send a copy of the message to the quarantine, and tag the subject line of the message with the specified text, after which the Email Appliance will continue to process the message.
    • Tag subject and continue: Tag the subject line of the message with the specified text, after which the Email Appliance will continue to process the message.
  4. When you have finished configuring advanced anti-spam settings, click Next to proceed to Appliance Alerting.