Configuring Directory Services

About this task

This section only applies if you plan to use the Email Appliance in conjunction with an LDAP server. Although Active Directory is the most common, the Email Appliance can be integerated with other LDAP implementations. If you will not be using any form of LDAP, proceed to Configuring User Preferences.

Directory Services integration enables the mapping of users and groups defined on an LDAP server to the Email Appliance’s email policy, recipient validation and user authentication. Initially, email policy rules on the Email Appliance are applied globally; however, you can customize those rules and map them directly to groups defined in the Email Appliance or in directory services.

This allows the Email Appliance to integrate with a particular environment more quickly and tightly by taking advantage of existing definitions and making it possible to administer them from one place. In addition, directory services can be used for email recipient validation and authentication for user preferences.

The Email Appliance can automatically detect the directory services schema and configuration parameters, or they can be manually configured.

To configure directory services:

Follow these steps

  1. On the Quick Tasks sidebar of the Configuration Homepage, click Directory Services.
    The System: Directory Services page is displayed.
  2. Click Add to launch the Directory Services wizard, and use the wizard to configure your directory server(s). See the “Directory Services” documentation for more information.
  3. On the Navigation bar, click the Configuration button at the top of the page to return to the Configuration Homepage.
  4. Click the 'x' button to the right of Directory Services.
    Now that directory services are set up, you are ready to configure End User Preferences.