Viewing Quarantine Search Results

  • Click the up and down arrow buttons beside a search results column heading to order the displayed results alphanumerically by the entry in that column. Click the up and down arrow button again to toggle the results between ascending and descending order.
  • If multiple pages of search results are available, use the controls at the bottom of the content panel to view the additional pages.
  • Click any of the displayed text about a quarantined message in the search results to view the Relay, Spam Level, and Message-ID for that message.
  • To view details of a quarantined message:
    • On the Search Results panel, click any text in the row for the message that you want to view. A box with additional information is displayed.
    • In the box, click View message details. The Message Details dialog box is displayed.
    • On the View drop-down list, click Body or Headers to view details.