Viewing Mail Queues Search Results

  • Click the up and down arrow buttons beside a search results column heading to order the displayed results alphanumerically by the entry in that column. Click that up and down arrow button again to toggle the results between ascending and descending order.
  • If multiple pages of search results are available, use the controls at the bottom of the Search Results panel to view the additional pages.
  • Click any of the displayed text about a mail queue search result to view detailed information for that message. Click any of the displayed text about that mail queue search result again to close the display of the detailed information for that message.

    The detailed information shows the name and IP address of the relay that the message is from (for pre-filter and delay queue messages), or the mail delivery server that the message is going to (for delivery messages). It will also give some indication of why the message is in the queue, although this will only represent a problem if the message has remained in the queue for a long time. For messages in the delay queue, it will also display the planned release time for each message, or indicate that is being rescanned with the "Under rescan" indication.

    Occasionally, "No Information" may be displayed. This indicates that the mail queue was processed so quickly that the message left the queue before the search was finished, and the detailed information for it is no longer available.