Analyzing Message Logs

  1. Perform a Mail Logs search by setting the search parameters as narrowly as possible to find specific results.
  2. Browse the list of search results to find a message log entry that looks like it matches the criteria you seek, and click on that entry to view the details.
  3. Look at the end of the message log entry details, which will show the action taken, followed by the reason for that action. The actions are:
    • Quarantine: Messages are stored in the quarantine.
      Quarantined messages for reason "blacklist" were quarantined as a result of user block lists.
    • Deliver: Messages are delivered to their intended recipient(s).
    • Discard: Messages were discarded without notice to the sender.
      Discarded messages for reason "blacklist" were discarded as a result of administrator block lists.
    • Reject: Messages that were rejected at the MTA level.
    • SPX Encrypt: Messages that were encrypted using SPX or were sent as notifications of SPX encryption.
    • Route: Messages that were re-routed to another server using the action specified on the Main Action page of the Policy Wizard.