Configuring the SPX Portal

About this task

Clicking Settings in the Portal section of the Policy: Encryption page opens the Configure SPX Portal dialog box. Here, you configure the URL used for the Secure PDF Exchange (SPX) email portal. By default, port 10443 is used for the (SPX) portal, and port 443 is used for the End User Web Quarantine.

By activating the SPX portal you give recipients a means of registering for an SPX password. If you want recipients to have the option of securely responding to encrypted messages, you must enable secure reply using the SPX Template wizard. For more information, see “Portal Settings”.

To configure the portal URL:

Follow these steps

  1. Select either the Use hostname from SSL certificate (Recommended) if you want to use the hostname from the Email Appliance’s SSL certificate, or select the Specify a custom hostname option and enter the hostname of the Email Appliance on which the SPX portal is located.
  2. Under Ports, select the port used for the SPX portal.
    Whichever port you select for the SPX Portal, the remaining port will automatically be selected for the End User Web Quarantine (the reverse is also true).
  3. Click OK.


You may need to add or configure a certificate for use with the SPX portal. See the certificates documentation for more information.