Setting Expiry Times and Passwords

About this task

Clicking Configure in the Expiry and user password settings section of the Policy: Encryption page opens the SPX Expiry and Password Limits dialog box. Here you can configure the periods for SPX option expiry, and notification times. All values must be entered as days. You can also specify the minimum number of characters required for passwords.

Follow these steps

  1. Set one or more of the following:
    • In the Keep unused passwords text box, enter the maximum number of days between password uses that passwords will remain valid.
    • In the Allow secure reply text box, enter the maximum number of days that the link sent for the secure reply portal remains valid for recipients of SPX email messages.
    • In the Keep delayed emails text box, enter the number of days that an appliance will hold email while waiting for an SPX recipient to set a password.
    • In the Registration reminder text box, enter the number of days before an SPX recipient will receive an email reminder to set a password.
      The Registration reminder period should be shorter than the Keep delayed emails period.
    • In the Password strength text box, enter the minimum number of characters an SPX user must type in order to create a valid password. The default is passwords that are at least 8 alphanumeric characters in length. The maximum length is 32.
    • Select Require special characters to enforce inclusion of at least one special character in each password. Valid special characters are shown to recipients when they are setting a password.
  2. Click OK.