Alias Map Editor

About this task

The Alias Map Editor dialog box is displayed if you click the Custom alias maps link on the Configuration > Accounts > User Groups page. Use the Alias Map Editor dialog box to create, modify or delete alias maps.

The Alias Map Editor dialog box is also displayed if you click Directory services alias maps on the Configuration > Accounts > User Groups page. However, directory services alias maps are retrieved from the directory services server, and can only be viewed, not edited.


  • To add an alias map:
    1. Enter an email address that you want to substitute in the Map from address text box, then enter the substitute email address in the Map to address text box. Alternatively, click Upload to upload a list of addresses. The list should contain one pair of colon-separated email addresses per line, where the first address is the address you want to substitute, and the second is the substitute address itself.
      You can map one domain to another by entering @<from_domain> as the Map from address, and @<to_domain> as the Map to address. For example, you could enter for the Map from address, and for the Map to address. This would cause any mail addressed to users at to be mapped instead to for policy purposes.
    2. Click OK.
  • To remove an alias map:
    1. Select the check box beside the email map(s) that you want to remove.
    2. Click Delete.
    3. Click OK.
  • To edit an alias map you must first delete the map you want to change, then add a new map that contains the changes you want to make.
    Use the Find text box to search a large list for email addresses that you want to delete, or use the page controls below the list to navigate through the list.