About this task

Use the Configuration > System > Clustering page to manage a cluster.

Using clustering requires that you have two or more Email Appliances with identical software versions that are connected to the same network and able to communicate using the ports specified on the port configuration page. All appliances used in a cluster must be configured with static IP addresses, which are configured on the Network: Network Interface page. Clustering will not work if any of these appliances are configured for DHCP.

If your appliance is not yet part of a cluster, you can enable clustering:

  1. Select the I would like this appliance to become part of a Sophos Email Appliance cluster check box.
  2. Enter the IP or hostname of another appliance.
  3. Click Join.
If an appliance joins an existing cluster, its configuration is overwritten by the configuration options it receives from the cluster.

If your appliance successfully joins or forms a cluster, a list of cluster members is displayed.

If your appliance is a member of a cluster already, you will see a list of all appliances in the cluster. You can:

  • Click on the name of a cluster member to view its system status.
  • Click Remove to remove an appliance from the cluster.