Adding/Removing Trusted Relays

About this task

Trusted relays are internal or external mail relays that you know are safe. Keeping the list of trusted relays accurate and up to date is an important component of spam detection. Any spam sent through unlisted trusted relays will have a much lower detection rate.

You can specify trusted relays on the Configuration > Routing > Trusted Relays page to improve the accuracy of the Email Appliance’s spam detection. This will also improve the troubleshooting and reporting information provided by the Sophos Email Appliance.

Detailed information about trusted relays can be found in the Trusted relays reference.

If your network does not use a configuration of this kind, leave the Trusted relay list empty.


  • To add a trusted relay:
    In the IP address text box, enter the IP address of the trusted relay, and click Add.

    The added IP address is displayed in the Trusted relay list table.

    It is important to ensure that a host never appears simultaneously in the Trusted relay list and the Allowed Hosts list.
  • To remove a trusted relay:
    Select the check box beside the IP address that you want to remove, and click Delete.

    The IP address of the trusted relay is removed from the list.

    If your network uses trusted relays to pass inbound messages to the Email Appliance, use policy-level blocking instead of connection-level blocking. Connection-level blocking will only work correctly if the Email Appliance receives messages directly from the internet.