Setting a Hostname and Proxy

About this task

On the Configuration > Network > Hostname and Proxy page you can set your Email Appliance system’s domain name, configure HTTP proxy server access to the internet and set up a custom FQDN for Time-of-Click (ToC) URL rewriting..
If you are also using a Sophos Web Appliance, you should not configure it as the HTTP proxy for your Sophos Email Appliance. Instead, on your Web Appliance, add the Email Appliance(s) to the list of exempt IP addresses on the Active Directory Exemptions page.

To configure a hostname, proxy and ToC server:

Follow these steps

  1. [Optional: clustered appliances only] From the Appliance drop-down list, select which system in the cluster you want to configure.
  2. Type in the Email Appliance’s Fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
  3. Under Proxy server configuration, select either Connect to the internet directly or Connect through a proxy server.

    If you select Connect through a proxy server, fill in the following text boxes:

    • In the Server address text box, enter the IP address of the proxy server.
    • in the Port text box, enter the port number for proxy server.
    • If your proxy server requires a login, enter the Username and Password.
  4. Under Time-of-Click Protection server configuration configure the FQDN to be used during URL rewriting. You can either select the default FQDN configured in step 2 OR mention a custom FQDN and port.
    • If configuring a custom FQDN, make sure that FQDN can be resolved by a DNS server and is redirected to the IP Address of the Sophos Email Appliance.
    • Custom port should be unused, preferably greater than port 1023.
  5. Click Apply.