Obtaining a Certificate for the Email Appliance

If you need the Email Appliance to use a certificate other than those already available, you must initiate a certificate signing request (CSR). Begin the process to initiate a CSR by clicking Add on the Configuration > System > Certificates page.

The Email Appliance always generates a 2048-bit certificate signing request.

After you have generated a CSR, you can use the CSR to apply for an X.509 certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA).

Because each vendor has a different procedure for providing a certificate, you will need to contact them for information about their specific procedure.

Example: Obtaining a new certificate.

You may have a business partner who requires that all email be encrypted using transport layer security (TLS). If the self-signed certificate provided with the Email Appliance is not recognized by your business partner, you may need to initiate a CSR and obtain a signed certificate.

You need a certificate from a trusted certificate authority so that your Email Appliance can be verified by any mail server requesting to communicate with your Email Appliance using TLS encryption.

1. Initiate a certificate signing request (CSR) by clicking Add on the Configuration > System > Certificates page. The Add Certificate dialog is displayed.

2. In the Add certificate dialog box, select Initiate CSR, then click OK. The CSR request dialog box is displayed.

3. Enter the required information and click OK. The CSR dialog box is displayed with the generated (CSR).

4. Save the CSR by pasting it into a text editor and saving it to a file, or by downloading it.
It is important to use a text editor such as Notepad if you cut and paste the CSR. Most word processing programs will not save the CSR correctly.

5. After saving the CSR, you need to contact the certificate authority of your choice, and follow their instructions for uploading the CSR, purchasing a suitable certificate, and downloading the resulting signed certificate.

6. After you have obtained a signed certificate, you will need to upload it to the Email Appliance. On the Configuration > System > Certificates page, click Add. The Add certificate dialog box is displayed.

7. Select Upload certificate and click OK. The Upload certificate dialog box is displayed.

8. Select Import Certificate to import the certificate from a file, or, select Paste, then paste the certificate in the Paste Certificate text box. Click OK.

The certificate is displayed in the list of available certificates,

The Email Appliance can have a maximum of three certificates in addition to the self-signed certificate. If you already have three certificates, you will need to delete at least one certificate before you can add a new one.

9. To use the new certificate for email encryption, in the Certificates list, select Email Encryption, then click Apply


Your Email Appliance will now offer the new certificate when another server requests to send TLS-encrypted email to the Email Appliance.