Using the Outlook Add-in

You can deploy the Sophos Outlook Add-in to give end users an easy way to report spam and encrypt messages. If you prefer to use it for only one of these tasks, you can disable or hide either spam reporting features or encryption features from your users.

Users can report spam and encrypt messages by following the steps below.

Reporting Spam

  1. In the main Outlook window, select the folder (for example, Inbox) containing the spam message(s) you want to report.
  2. Select the message(s) to report.
  3. Outlook 2007: In the top-left corner, of the Outlook window, click Report As Spam.


    Outlook 2010: On the Home tab of the Outlook Ribbon, click Report As Spam.

    You can also access the Report As Spam option from a context menu by right-clicking the message(s) that you want to report, or open any message in its own window, and click the Report As Spam button on the toolbar.
  4. If the option to show a confirmation dialog box is selected, a message is displayed, asking if you want to move the message to the default folder, and report it as spam to SophosLabs. By default, the message is moved to the Junk E-mail folder. To specify a different folder, see “Setting Options”. Click OK to complete the report.

Encrypting Messages

  1. In Outlook, compose an email message.
  2. In the top-left corner of the Message window, click Encrypt.

    The Encrypt button is highlighted in orange, indicating that the message will be encrypted.

  3. Click Send.

    The message is sent to the Email Appliance for encryption.