Post-Installation Configuration/Integration

Activation and initial configuration bring the Email Appliance to a state where it can filter and deliver mail; however, it can be further integrated with, and customized for, a specific environment. Enabling features such as the Email Appliance’s directory services, user preferences, and advanced mail-routing functionality allow the Email Appliance to integrate more closely into a given environment and offer functionality beyond standard mail-filtering and delivery.

Immediately after you exit the setup wizard, the Dashboard tab of the appliance’s administrative interface is displayed.

To view and edit the list of post-installation tasks:

  1. In the System Console section, click Post Configuration Checklist.

    The Configuration Homepage is displayed.

    On the Quick Tasks sidebar are number of items, some of which have “close” (x) buttons beside them. Each item is also accompanied by an icon that indicates whether a task is complete (green check mark) or incomplete (yellow exclamation mark).

  2. Click on a task description to open the configuration page for that task.
  3. When you have finished configuring a task, click Configuration on the Navigation bar to return to the Configuration Homepage.
  4. Click the "x'" button to remove a task from the Quick Tasks list.

    When these changes have been made, or if no changes are necessary, these items can be cleared by clicking the “x” to the right of each link. Once all the tasks have been cleared, the Post-Configuration Checklist link on the Dashboard tab disappears.