System Status

The System Status tab lets you monitor the health and performance of the Email Appliance.

By default, only exceptions (warnings or critical alerts) are displayed. If there are no exceptions, the status page shows nothing. To view a complete list of status items, click Show All at the bottom right of the tab.

On the System Status tab is a Shutdown button. If you click this button, a page is displayed with three additional buttons: Reboot, Shutdown, and Cancel.

Each item in the System Status panel displays the following information:

  • Status icon: Shows a color-coded icon that indicates the alert status of the item as one of Normal (green), Warning (yellow), or Critical (red).
  • Monitor: Names the item that is being monitored.
  • Message: Provides details of the latest alert.
  • Potential remedies: Describes possible solutions for the latest alert. In most cases, you are advised to contact Sophos Technical Support.
  • Last exception: Shows the date in MM/DD/YYYY format and the time in 24-hour format for the latest unacknowledged alert.
  • Exceptions: Shows the number of exceptions for that item. Click the "note" icon to open the System Alerts dialog box, which contains a history of alerts for this item. Click Delete All to clear the alert(s).

The tab is organized into sections: Mail Flow, Certificates, Quarantine, Hardware, License, and Software.