Mail Queues Search

Select Mail Queues from the drop-down list at the top of the Search In sidebar to access the mail queues search parameters. The Mail Queues search allows you to search the pre-filter queue (messages waiting to be processed by the policy), delivery queue (messages that have been processed by the policy and are waiting to be delivered to the mail delivery server(s)), the delay queue (messages that have been categorized as suspicious, and that are waiting to be rescanned once updated anti-spam definitions become available from Sophos Labs), the Encryption Queue (SPX-encrypted messages waiting to be delivered to Recipient, if SPX password service method is selected as generated by recipient) and the Sandstorm Queue (messages waiting to be analyzed).

With the exception of the delay queue, messages are normally processed so quickly that they will appear in the queue only very briefly. Most entries should have a very recent time stamp, and they should disappear from the results list if you re-run your query. Messages that stay in the pre-filter or delivery queues for a long time are indicative of problems (messages may stay in the delay queue for up to sixty minutes, depending on how it has been configured). Typical problems are the inability to process an incoming message due to an inappropriate "To" address, or the stacking up of messages in the Delivery queue due to a mail delivery server that is down or having processing problems. The mail queue search allows you to examine the messages that are not being processed quickly, and understand the reasons for the processing delay.