Getting Support

Sophos Email Appliances are equipped with advanced monitoring and assistance technologies that deliver a superior customer support experience. Every installed appliance is kept up to date and at its operational peak, with minimal administrative involvement. Using embedded technology, Sophos appliances communicate with Sophos Technical Support every five minutes, automatically receiving anti-virus and anti-spam updates and optionally reporting on hardware health and protection status.

If required, you can send a support request directly from within the Email Appliance. Click the Help button. Then, on the sidebar, click Sophos Support.

Sophos appliances also feature optional remote assistance via a secure, reverse tunnel SSH connection. This lets customers grant Sophos Technical Support direct remote access to their appliance for faster support resolution. Contact Sophos Technical Support before enabling remote assistance.

If you use your appliance in a clustered configuration, the reverse SSH connection will open to whichever system you are currently logged into.

Active monitoring delivers automatic alerts on protection status, license validity and one-click renewal/activation to system administrators.