Simple Mail Routing

A simple network configuration could be set up with the Email Appliance at the network gateway as shown.

Incoming mail is filtered by the Email Appliance, and then passed directly to a mail hub for retrieval by clients. Outbound email is sent from the clients to the mail hub, and then routed out to the Email Appliance for delivery to external addresses. Alternatively, clients could use the Email Appliance itself as their outbound SMTP relay. The Email Appliance would pass local mail back to the mail hub and external mail out to the internet.

User-based authentication at the gateway helps prevent unwanted messages from entering the network. In the previous configuration example, messages to invalid users are rejected at the mail hub rather than the gateway. Connecting the Email Appliance to a directory services domain controller enables user-based authentication at the gateway.

Mail routing is configured on the Configuration > Routing page.