The Email Appliance User Interface

The Email Appliance user interface includes the following components:

The Status Information bar shows the following (from left to right):
  • Remote Assistance session established is displayed while an outbound SSH connection to Sophos Technical Support is open.
  • Version number of the currently installed software.
  • Logged in as <username> is displayed, indicating the username of the current user.
  • Log Out can be clicked to exit from the Email Appliance user interface.
  • The current time in 24-hour format.

The Navigation bar is used to access the Dashboard, Configuration, Reports, Search, Help and System Status tabs.

, The Content pane displays the pages of the Email Appliance user interface.

The Navigation sidebar only appears on the Configuration, Reports, and Search tabs. Click the links on this sidebar to view the various configuration and reports options in the Content pane or, on the Search tab’s sidebar, fill in the text boxes to perform a search.

The Quick Tasks sidebar only appears on the Configuration tab. Click any of these links to perform common configuration tasks.

The interface for the Email Appliance is optimized for the latest supported browsers.