Email Appliance Features

Enterprise-scale solution for organizations with up to 25,000 users

  • On-Board Quarantine: The email quarantine resides on the same appliance where the mail is filtered, translating into fewer infrastructure requirements, easier message handling, and a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Powerful Message Tracking: A multi-parameter search capability for tracking messages in system logs and quarantine means that it’s easy to find and retrieve messages or trace their routing, with less time spent searching for lost emails.
  • Powerful Dashboard: Offers quick and comprehensive appliance management, monitoring and reporting, making it easy to execute key tasks and run key reports.
  • Built-In Hardware Redundancy: The ES4000, ES5000 and ES8000 come with dual hard drives, power supplies and processors. Administrators can be confident that vital email systems will remain running.

Threat Protection

  • Reliable Protection Against Viruses, Spam, Spyware and Other Malware: Single-vendor solution for better performance of all mission-critical functions, and one source for updates and 24/7 support.
  • Powered by SophosLabs™: Proactive protection from an industry-leading worldwide network of threat detection and analysis labs helps keep networks safe and clean 24/7, with reduced costs of disinfection and repair.
  • Optimized Operating System and Mail Transfer Agent: The entire infrastructure is tuned to work seamlessly with the Email Appliance software, providing an integrated, hardened, and reliable system.
  • Preset Policy Choices: The ability to easily choose from several standardized email policy rule sets means that less time is spent on system setup and administration.
  • Sender Genotype service: Employs connection management technology to block email from bad senders. Includes traditional IP reputation filtering as well as proactive connection control, which blocks suspicious hosts. Sender Genotype eliminates up to 85% of inbound spam, substantially increasing message throughput without the need for additional infrastructure investments.
  • Real-Time Remote System Monitoring: Sophos continuously monitors the system health and status of all installed appliances to guarantee that your appliance is always up to date and functioning properly.
  • On-Demand Remote Assistance: A customer-enabled Secure Shell (SSH) connection provides Sophos Technical Support with direct access to individual appliances for specific troubleshooting.
  • Superior Support: Award-winning web-based, email and live telephone support available 24/7/365.