The Configuration tab provides access to pages for setting system options and performing administrative tasks.

There are five groups of Email Appliance configuration pages:

  • Use the Accounts pages to create and manage Email Appliance administrator and user accounts and groups and to set their preferences.
  • Use the Policy pages to change how the Email Appliance processes email messages.
  • Use the System pages to change the configuration of the Email Appliance’s system software.
  • Use the Routing pages to change the configuration of mail routing in your organization’s network.
  • Use the Network pages to change the configuration of the Email Appliance’s connection to, and identity in, your organization’s network.

After initial configuration, the Quick Tasks sidebar on the Configuration Homepage shows a number of post-installation tasks, with links to settings that may still require adjustment. When these changes have been made, or if no changes are necessary, these items can be cleared by clicking the “x” to the right of each link. Once all the tasks have been cleared, the Post-Configuration Checklist link on the Dashboard tab disappears.

The Content pane of the Configuration Homepage contains help links to all the major configuration topics, while the Configuration sidebar opens configuration pages in the administrative interface. For example, clicking Directory Services under System opens the Directory Services configuration page.

The email appliance does not support IPv6.