Directory Services

Use the Configuration > System > Directory Services page to configure access to your organization’s directory server(s) so that the Sophos Email Appliance can use directory services data for user authentication, email aliases, and to apply mail-filtering policies to directory services user groups.

Configure directory services by using the wizard to create a profile for each directory server in your organization. The Email Appliance can integrate simultaneously with various LDAP implementations. For example, you could be using multiple Active Directory servers, or an Active Directory server and a Novell eDirectory server.

If you are configuring your Email Appliance to integrate with multiple directory servers, and you have enabled SMTP authentication on the Configuration > Policy > SMTP Authentication page, you can only perform SMTP authentication for one of the configured directory servers. For more information, see “SMTP Authentication”.

Directory services settings can only be automatically detected for Active Directory servers. For all other LDAP servers, some manual configuration is required.

  • To launch the Directory Services wizard, Click Add. Each profile you create is added to the list on the System: Directory Services page.
  • To manually synchronize the data on your directory server with your Email Appliance, click Synchronize Now.
  • To delete a directory server, select the check box next to the server entry, and click Delete.
    Deleting a directory server will affect directory services groups as well as any Email Appliance settings that use directory services. Before deleting a server, it is recommended that you consider the consequences of that action. For more information about deleting any or all directory servers, see Removing Directory Servers.