Manage email encryption for the Email Appliance.

Use the Configuration > Policy > Encryption page to configure the Email Appliance’s encryption settings for Transport Layer Security and Secure PDF Exchange.


Transport Layer Security (TLS) enables the encrypted communication of messages between hosts that support TLS, and can also allow one host to verify the identity of another. On the Email Appliance, TLS is set to "off" by default. In this state, the Email Appliance will never attempt to encrypt email or verify the identity of a host to which it sends email.

SPX Encryption

Secure PDF Exchange (SPX) encryption is a next generation version of email encryption. It is clientless, and is extremely easy to set up and customize to any environment. More information about SPX is available in the SPX Encryption documentation.
SPX Encryption requires a license. You can activate a trial version that will expire in 30 days. Contact your Sophos representative for more information.