User Groups

Groups are used in the Email Appliance to apply different message-filtering options to different sets of users. The user groups created here can be specified on the various pages of the Policy tab to determine which policy rules are applied for which users.

User groups can be selected from existing directory services groups or manually specified. Alternatively, you can manually create, modify, and delete user groups. You can enable alias support from directory services.

To use directory services features with your Email Appliance, you must be using Microsoft Exchange and directory services together. A stand-alone directory services server will not provide the necessary features for Email Appliance directory services synchronization.
The Email Appliance must be configured to access your directory services server before you can manage directory services groups and turn on directory services alias support. If this access is not already configured, click Configure Directory Services to display the Directory Services page and set up your directory services server.

You can also enable alias support from directory services, view directory services alias maps, and enable and configure custom alias maps that allow messages to be redirected from one email address to another.