Version Notable Changes

A new option, the Delay Queue, has been added to the Sophos Email Appliance SEA with this release. This gives the appliance the ability to hold suspect emails for a specified period of time. By delaying delivery, the appliance creates a timed interval during which new anti-spam definitions created by Sophos Labs can be received, after which the appliance can rescan the messages using the most up to date information possible.

Delay Queue configuration

You can find the new Delay Queue options on the Configuration > Policy > SMTP Options page. Settings such as delay times, size limits, and expiry options can be set here.

New dashboard information

The Dashboard has a new panel, showing information about the processing of delayed messages, a new gauge showing the number of delayed messages each hour, and a new graph showing the volume of delayed messages processed.

New searches and reports

The mail queue search and reports have been enhanced to give administrators insight into the Delay Queue.

Search results from the Delay Queue will display the planned release time for each message, or show that is being rescanned with the "Under rescan" indication. You can also choose to rescan messages in the Delay Queue with the anti-spam engine, causing them to be released or quarantined immediately.

A new Reports > Mail Trends > Delayed Volume report displays the number of delayed messages for the selected time period.