Version Notable Changes

New Data Leakage Protection Capabilities for the Sophos Email Appliance

We are pleased to introduce new, sophisticated data leakage protection policy features for Sophos Email Appliances. You can create rules for monitoring or restricting messages and attachments based on content, filename, or file type; you can reduce accidental data loss by monitoring and restricting the transfer of files containing sensitive data. Content Control Lists (CCLs) provided by SophosLabs provide expert definitions for common financial and personally identifiable data types, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, postal addresses, or email addresses. Advanced techniques are used in SophosLabs CCLs to increase the accuracy of sensitive data detection. The sensitivity of each CCL can be tuned to match your specific requirements.

Alternatively, you can use Sophos Enterprise Console to create your own custom CCLs.

These new features improve the ease of administering the Email Appliance, and extend its capabilities.