Version Notable Changes

Introducing Secure PDF Exchange (SPX)

We are pleased to announce the availability of SPX Encryption for Sophos Email Appliances. Secure PDF Exchange (SPX) is a major new feature for the Email Appliance in this release. This new, optional add-on gives organizations a simple and affordable solution for protecting sensitive or confidential information sent via email. The self-trial feature gives you the chance to try this new encryption capability free for 30 days, with no commitment to buy.

How SPX Works

  1. Unencrypted email messages are sent to the Email Appliance, which converts the message and any attachments to an PDF document which is then encrypted with a password. The Email Appliance can be configured to allow the recipient to select their own password via a secure web portal, or a password can be generated for them.
  2. The encrypted message is then sent to the recipient's mail server.
  3. The recipient can then decrypt the message using the readily available Adobe Acrobat reader, and the password that was used to encrypt the PDF.

Traditional encryption solutions are expensive, require significant expertise to setup and administer, and can result in a complex end-user experience. Sophos SPX Encryption integrates strong encryption into Sophos Email Appliances, bringing data protection without the costs and complexity of traditional certificate based solutions.

These new features further extend the capabilities of the Email Appliance.