Searching the Documentation

  1. In the Search text box, type the query.

    The following search refinements are supported:

    • To match phrases, set the phrase in double quotation marks.
    • To use Boolean operators, type in "AND", "OR", or "AND NOT" in uppercase letters.
    • Prepend a plus sign (+) to a term to require the presence of that term.
    • Prepend a minus sign (-) to a term to require the absence of that term.
  2. Press Enter or click the arrow button to the right of the Search text box.

    The results are displayed in the text box that usually displays the Table of Contents. The search results have the following features:

    • Results are sorted by relevance.
    • Excerpts of the search results are displayed to help you assess the relevance of each result, and the search terms are highlighted.
  3. Click on the page title of any search result to display that page in the content pane.